About us.

Family-Pic-300Mr. Lawn Irrigation is a locally owned, operated, licensed, and insured company supporting the Kansas City area with the vision to:

Be the most trusted, respected, & dependable go-to lawn service provider in the Kansas City area.

Mel Grills established Mr. Lawn Irrigation in 2009 with a commitment to use the latest technology to install, repair, maintain, and monitor the most efficient irrigation systems.  The Mr. Lawn Irrigation team is able to do this by focusing on the customer’s desires, recognizing the landscape’s water requirements, and keeping current with advances in technology.

We listen to our customers’ current and future plans for their landscape and then we work closely with them to ensure the design we produce will support their vision. We also consider the soil-water-plant relationships and select the best combination of quality irrigation products to put the water when and where the plant needs it most.

Mr. Lawn Irrigation provides service after the installation and for other previously installed systems with repair, maintenance, ongoing service contracts, and monitoring services. Again, our commitment is for the efficient use of water for your lawn, so these services are intended to do just that . . . keep your system working at peak performance.

Mr. Lawn Irrigation expanded in 2010 to provide drainage design and installation solutions, and in 2013 to provide fertilization and pest management programs. In 2016 we answered our client’s calls for a complete Landscape Lighting design, installation, and service team. We continue to grow because we keep our focus on our customers. Give us a call to see what’s coming next……

A little about Mel so you understand who built and stands behind Mr. Lawn Irrigation.  Mel received his Eagle Scout Award in 1987 and entered the Air Force after college.  He traveled the world in a career field focused on providing top quality customer service.  After 12 years and reaching the rank of Major, Mel moved back to KC to be close to his family.

The dedication to exceptional customer service and standing behind the work accomplished are two traits (of many) Mel brings from his previous life experiences.  He strives to instill these same values into the Mr. Lawn Irrigation Team.

Give us an opportunity to help your lawn look beautiful.  Mr. Lawn Irrigation is the right team to call. Customer service, pride in our quality of work, and professionalism IS what sets us apart.